Miami to Key Largo

Woohoo! I made it to Key Largo. I took a day off yesterday rather than fight 35 mph head winds. Today was mostly tail winds and a lovely day. I rode 63 miles. Here’s the map from today and pix and movies.



IMG_8379 The Old Cutler Road Biking Trail. Very nice.IMG_0304 They even trim the hangy down stuff, so you don’t have to duck.IMG_6457 Welcome to Homestead.IMG_5679 IMG_7818 The water tower in the background is at the big racetrack for you Nascar fans.IMG_4473 IMG_5505 2 Looking over the Oversea Highway to the Manatee RiverIMG_6565

Riding through Everglades National Park. Lotta traffic.

Happy to say I didn’t encounter any crocodiles. I did have to stop a couple of times during that 6 miles and was on high alert!IMG_5808 IMG_8295 Getting ready to get on the bridge to Key Largo.IMG_5095 IMG_0752 Woo hoo!IMG_0586 A triple decker boat storage facility. IMG_4534 My teeny tiny room. I have to walk over the bed to get to the bathroom. And I had to remove Heyoka’s two front panniers to get him inside the door!IMG_0650 IMG_0262 But the view right outside is awesome!IMG_4062 IMG_4399 IMG_2353 Watch out for falling coconuts sign.IMG_3993 The outside view of my cottage.IMG_6582 2 Cafe Largo. Nice dinner! I had almond crusted hogfish snapper and a couple of Key West ales. And a slice of Key Lime pie due to the extreme mileage today 🙂IMG_9215 I must have checked in just in time. When I got back from dinner, the “no vacancy” sign was up.IMG_2692





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Miami to Key Largo — 4 Comments

  1. What a beautiful view! That was really nice. When I watched your video, I was expecting to hear someone shout, “Caramel Malted!” from a passing vehicle. Love you!

  2. Good golly, riding with you thru the glades, I ain’t sure you’d be more afraid of the traffic than crocs, eh? Heyoka probably like this tinny room best since he got to rest with some weight of his shoulders! Safe travels!

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