Coast to Coast: Littlebeck to Robin Hood’s Bay

Our last day hiking. An 8.5 mile walk from Littlebeck to Robin Hood’s Bay.

The Hermitage. Carved out by an anonymous stonemason in 1799. Unknown if it was created for travelers or for the stonemason himself.img_8900


img_8901 Katharine inserted for scale. img_8904 Lee inserted just for laughs. img_8906 img_8907 img_8910 Looking out at the North Sea. img_8913 img_8917 img_8921 img_8924 On the outskirts of Robin Hood’s Bay. img_8926 This was along the road. Not sure what it was for. img_8927 North Sea. img_8929 img_8932 img_8939 Sheep enjoying their North Sea views. img_8942 img_8946 img_8947 img_8953 img_8954 img_8959 The first peek at Robin Hood’s Bay. img_8963 img_8964 img_8968 On the way down to the Bay. Very steep!img_8970 img_8973 An ogre. Robin Hood’s Bay began as a smuggler’s hangout. img_8978 img_8983 Ta da! img_8985I carried my ceremonial rock from St. Bee’s and threw it into Robin Hood’s Bay putting a coda on our journey.  img_8988 The four Brits we we enjoyed walking with off and on the last few days. Dave, Heather, Sue and Mike. img_8990 img_8992 img_8996 img_8998 img_9001 Saves on tires. img_9002 The view from our B&B, The Grange. It was by far the nicest of our Bed and Breakfast stays. img_9005Our host served us champagne to celebrate the end of our hike. img_9006 img_9009 img_9011 img_9013 Here’s where we had dinner and a pint or two. img_9014 This is the beautiful English garden at The Grange. img_9017 img_9019 img_9021 img_9022 The Grange’s koi pond. img_9026 img_9030




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