Coast to Coast: Arncliffe Wood to Clay Bank

A grinding 10.4 mile hike through the North York Moors.

IMG_8606Click on the map to see more details.
Arncliffe Wood to Clay Bank IMG_8607 IMG_8609 IMG_8613 IMG_8615 IMG_8618 IMG_8620 IMG_8621 IMG_8622 IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 The moors covered in heather and just starting to bloom. IMG_8629 IMG_8631Heather up close. IMG_8632 IMG_8633 IMG_8634 IMG_8636 IMG_8637 IMG_8640 IMG_8643 Katharine checking to see if we’re looking at the North Sea in the distance. We were.IMG_8648 IMG_8649 IMG_8651 IMG_8652 IMG_8657 IMG_8660 IMG_8664The trail as it winds down into a valley and back up the other side. All day was like this. IMG_8668A couple of local walkers are coming down as we’re heading up. IMG_8670 IMG_8672 Climbing up to the Wainstones in Hasty Bank. Some have prehistoric carvings. You can see and read about the carvings in the link above, or click on the picture below. IMG_8673 IMG_8676 IMG_8678 IMG_8681

IMG_8685Tired feet hanging from the rail, their attached bodies waiting for the shuttle to the hotel.  I dissolved into the ground, leaving behind my backpack, hat, and hiking poles. IMG_8692



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