Coast to Coast: Glaisdale to Littlebeck

Our penultimate hike, a 9.3 mile walk from Glaisdale to Littlebeck. We took a side excursion to Grosmere and then rode a steam train to the beach town of Whitby on the Irish Sea.

Begger’s Bridge.

img_8781glaisdale-to-littlebeck img_8782 img_8783 img_8784 img_8786 Here’s the steam train in Grosmere.img_8789 img_8794 img_8795


A fiddling busker in Whitby.

Fishing and sight-seeing boats kept the Whitby harbor busy. img_8805 img_8806 img_8807 img_8808 img_8811 img_8812 img_8813 img_8814img_8815 img_8817 img_8818

St. Mary’s Abbey on the hill. img_8819 img_8822 img_8825 img_8829 img_8834 The narrow streets of the old section in Whitby. img_8837 The steps to St. Mary’s. img_8840 img_8842 img_8843 img_8847 img_8849 img_8851 img_8853 img_8854 The pews in the church were separated by walls for each family. Everyone was responsible for heating their little section. img_8855 img_8857 img_8858 img_8860 img_8862 img_8863 img_8865 img_8867 img_8868 img_8870 img_8872 img_8875 img_8876 img_8877 img_8882 img_8885 img_8895Back on our way to a B&B near Littlebeck. 




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