Coast to Coast: Blakey Ridge to Glaisdale

A nice mostly down hill 8.6 mile hike through the moors and down into the valley of Glaisdale.

One of the monuments at Rosedale Head. This one is called Fat Betty.IMG_8744

Blakey Ridge to Glaisdale

We tried to start a Coast to Coast tradition of kissing Fat Betty for luck. IMG_8747 IMG_8748Breaking with the newly established tradition, Mike and Dave declined to kiss her.
IMG_8749 IMG_8750 IMG_8753 The Trough House, a shooting box, according to the Coast to Coast book. IMG_8754Once providing respite for travelers, now just a boarded up sheep hangout.  IMG_8758 IMG_8759Rare sight, a Coast to Coast marker. IMG_8763 The heather on the moors starting to bloom en masse. IMG_8765 IMG_8766 IMG_8771 IMG_8774Looking out from our B&B. Chickens and sheep. Dinner. IMG_8780




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