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My name is Lee Wenzler. I’m a retired IT guy trying for the second time to ride the complete Southern Tier route. I started too late in the spring of 2014 and aborted the mission after 900 miles. The temps were hitting 100+ already and massive thunderstorms were scaring the crap out of me.

So, now in 2015, I’m beginning again. This time I’ll start in San Diego and ride east to St. Augustine. I’m using the same Southern Tier maps by the Adventure Cycling Association. I’m flying to San Diego on March 2, 2015 and starting my solo tour on March 4, 2015.

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  1. You are really rocking retirement, Lee! So happy to see you enjoying life to the fullest. Looking forward to reading about your adventures,.

  2. Lee this is awesome.Enjoy your retirement and life. Be safe and stay well. Will be checking on you . I will be leaving for China May 30 thru June 8 .but will have my iPad and cell phone with international calling.

  3. Hey Lee, Don’t forget I’ll need some great photos for painting references. Remember to paint outside the lines!

    • Hey Donnie, hope to get some great photos and will post them when possible. And, I only know how to paint outside the lines.

  4. Lee, Wow man, what are you doing riding, bicycling that distance!
    I admire you and glad you can do it. I doubt I could make it a coupleof blocks. 🙂 When you get back, we need to get ttogether. I miss seeing you, but my health hasn’t been so good to me, but im still making it the best I can, but need to have a couple surgeries. Not sure when I will have them, but one is back surgery and I’ve been trying to avoid it, but I’m tired of all the pain.
    Send me a msg when you get back. Be safe n have a blast!

  5. Hey Lee,
    Looks like you are up to no good! You know the woman I was going to set you up with, well too late! We’ve fallen in love and you’ll meet her when you get back. She’s a web analyst and nerdy like you!

    Keep the spokes turning.

    • Hey Donnie, that’s good to hear, I’m glad you two have hit it off. I’m still enjoying myself on the road, but I’m missing my sweetie too. I hope she can meet up with me along the way, maybe in Austin where we can enjoy the art and music scene. I’m planning to take off again tomorrow and head toward the other side of Tallahassee. Good to hear from you.

  6. Hi Lee, I’m amazed!!! you really know how to LIVE. ? though
    That darn bike seat has too hurt HUH! 🙂 Tina Says Hello. We love your
    pics. Be safe See ya in a few months.

    • Hey Garry & Tina, I’m glad you got the link. Say hi to everyone and tell them I look forward to seeing them too. The bike seat is not too bad now. It’s the opposite of what you’d think. The thinner, leather seats are actually more comfortable once you get them formed to your ass, haha!

  7. Hey, Wenkler! I am so impressed! I think you’re crazy, but I’m impressed! With some heart issues and some lung problems, I have trouble just walking up my driveway. But you’re a lot younger than I am (lol). Hope to see you when you get back. Maybe we can have that “BIM” I apparently missed out on (NO SPOUSES!). Good luck!

  8. Hey Lee,
    Not quite how this works but gonna give it a try. You probably don’t recognize my name but I started @ the Roanoke Times, taking over as the pressroom manager just before you retired. Anyway, Brian Thomas made me aware of your trip & I’ve been following your blog since March. What you’re doing is of particular interest to me since it’s something I wanted to do in the 70’s but was never able to pull off. My wife still teases me about those grandiose dreams of pedaling across the U.S. & I always tell her it could still happen. Following your blog has renewed my interest & I’m now hoping to do the same thing upon retirement in 5 or 6 years. I think next year you should try the northern tier so I can follow another of your blogs. I’ve sure enjoyed reading them. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you when you return to Roanoke. Thanks for the interesting reads & inspiration. Stay safe.

    • Hey David, I’m glad you’ve been following along. The hardest thing about the trip is being able to take 2 months off staring in March. It’s pretty much essential to start then. I suppose the fall would work too, but the late spring and summer months are way too hot in Texas. Maybe you and Brian and I can grab lunch after I get back.

      • That would be fun.
        I was in Cardinal Bike shop yesterday & you came up. I mentioned where you were & was asked if you were going to bike to Roanoke from St. Augustine. Told ’em I was only following your blog & had no idea. So curious, are you going to pedal back here from Fla?

        • No, I’m ready for a break. My girlfriend, Katharine is driving down to meet me. We’ll load Heyoka up and drive back home.

  9. Congrats Lee. Hellu’va trip, hell of an experience, glad you shared it. I sure enjoyed following along & hope to do it myself one day.

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