Key Largo to Key Colony Beach

Another chilly day. It was nice and sunny though. I rode 47.1 to the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel. What a nice place! Twenty bucks cheaper than the Extended Stay in Miami. a pity┬áthe 35mph headwind didn’t happen here. I wouldn’t have minded a bit chilling an extra day. A nice hot jacuzzi, bar and restaurant all right together. I should make it to my friend Paul’s place tomorrow. Here’s the map from today and some pix and videos.


Traveling along US 1.

IMG_0304 2 IMG_0428 IMG_6224 All you can eat lobster?IMG_4841 This boat was near┬áthe Coast Guard station on Plantation Key in Islamorada. It looks stealthy and fast. I don’t know if they use unmarked boats, but this was serious looking.IMG_2948 Snake Creek, Islamorada.IMG_6389 IMG_8621 IslamoradaIMG_8280

Riding along looking at the Atlantic.


IMG_2650 IMG_0045 IMG_3549IMG_9658 IMG_3255

IMG_2095 IMG_3098 IMG_8613 IMG_8026 IMG_8629

Some of the longer bridges have pedestrian and bicycle lanes isolated from traffic. Nice.


IMG_2579 This is on the way to the hotel.IMG_6881 IMG_6784 2The atlantic filtered through a black and tan.

Looking out from the bar.IMG_1135 IMG_9230

Also looking out from the bar.

IMG_2225 And looking back at the bar.IMG_9426 IMG_6959 IMG_6573





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  1. I’m glad you added the vids, enjoy riding along but I think I swallowed a fly! Yuck! Did you see any ‘slimy critters’ in that s creek? I’m glad there are those nice bike lanes for you, makes me feel more comfortable! Safe travels.

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