Hillsboro to Miami

Today was gorgeous! 78º most of the day and winds coming from the north made it a super easy 52 mile ride. Tomorrow is supposed to be just the opposite. Cool, rainy and winds coming from the south. Yuck. Here’s the map (click on it for details) from today and some pix and movies:


Here’s a hotels.com search. This is where I won’t be staying:


Here’s Sgt. Ron. I noticed him sitting in his squad car at a shopping center and asked him if he’d watch my bike while I ran into CVS. He was a cool dude and kept an eye on it for me. He said they get ripped off in a New York minute if you leave them unlocked. He rode a motorcycle for 10 years as a traffic homicide detective before going back to the squad car.IMG_5165 IMG_8900

Here’s a video from Ft. Lauderdale along the beach.

IMG_7362 A view of the intercostal water way in Hollywood, FL.IMG_0882

And a movie of same.

IMG_7360 IMG_5503 2 IMG_3230 IMG_1572

Sunny Isles BeachIMG_1363 Miami Beach Public Golf CourseIMG_9782 Going in to downtown MiamiIMG_0430 Watson Island, Miami BeachIMG_4012 Floating dysentery factoryIMG_5882 Nighttime in downtown MiamiIMG_9752 And another nighttime Miami photo.IMG_3795



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