Kountze TX to DeRidder LA

Woohoo, out of Texas! It was a nice ride today, if not a bit long. I had hoped to ride one hundred miles in a day this trip, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I’m pretty well spent after 80 miles or so. I rode 86.2 today and it felt like a 100. It does feel really good to have ridden all the way across Texas. It’s definitely a big state.

Here’s the map from today and some pix:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.04.01 PMThey had a lot of flooding in east Texas.IMG_3474You can see one of the logging trucks that constantly zoom by throwing detritus all over the place.IMG_3476IMG_3478IMG_3480IMG_3481The next few shots had a sweat filter applied unknowingly.IMG_3482Woof.IMG_3483Make sure you go lickedy splitly across thickety creek!IMG_3484A couple of fuzzy little horsey, donkey things.IMG_3485IMG_3487Bon Wier roughly translates to “good place to build a plywood factory”IMG_3492IMG_3493IMG_3495IMG_3496IMG_3497Seeing Texas in my rear view mirror.IMG_3498So long Texas, you’ll always have a piece of my toe.IMG_3500This river is the dividing line between Texas and Louisiana.IMG_3503IMG_3504There was no “Welcome to Louisiana” sign, so, this will have to do.IMG_3505A sign for an Indian burial mound.IMG_3506IMG_3510I think that’s a paper mill billowing smoke. It smelled like it anyway.IMG_3511IMG_3514

Tomorrow will probably be a shorter day. Maybe 30 or so miles to Oberlin or 60 some if I’m ambitious to Mamou.



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Kountze TX to DeRidder LA — 3 Comments

  1. Congrats! Making it thru another state! So proud of you! It Sounds like you’re getting tired of pedaling? You’re still planning to make it to florida, eh?Your great niece and The goat farmers will be happy to see ya! Oh, did you remember to send Maria and Diane a postcard from San diego? That was suppose to be your charge for staying with them last year. Have you Started making changes to your route from last year for different adventures? Safe travels!

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