Bastrop to Brenham

The weather encouraged¬†me to do some re-routing today. Park rangers at Bastrop told Glenn and Maya that some of the roads were closed due to flooding. So, instead of riding to La Grange, I rode straight to Brenham. 65 miles, cutting one day off the total ride. It was mostly downhill or level. The rain was intermittent, but no thunder and lightning. I had two flats today. Both on the front. I put a new tube in after the first flat and then it went flat after less than a mile. I’m not sure if I left a piece of glass or nail in the tire that punctured the new tube or more likely, the tube I picked already had a tiny hole in it. Last year, I had a tube replaced and the bike guy said the old tube would be fine if I patched it and it’s possible it got mixed up with my other tubes. Anyway, I patched it and it held for the remainder 50 miles. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to inflate and submerge the other two tubes I have and then patch them. Here’s the map and some photos from today.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.59.06 PM


Even the dogs are big in Texas.IMG_3358 I think I should get royalties for this.IMG_3359Here in Texas they call these cattle.
IMG_3360 IMG_3364 I was tempted, but chickened out.¬†IMG_3365 Couldn’t capture the wild flowers too well, but they were pretty.IMG_3366 IMG_3370 World’s biggest BBQ grill. The sign says it’s free with purchase of 1 ton of BBQ sauce.IMG_3373


Tomorrow will be a short ride to Navasota, TX or a longer one to Richards, TX, depending on weather, tires and me.

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