Austin to Bastrop

Today was an easy 44 mile ride from Austin to Bastrop. I rode with Glenn and Maya today. This was the first time I’ve ridden with the peloton and managed to keep up. At Bastrop, thunderstorms looked imminent, so I bailed and found a Super 8 Motel. They kept going on a bit to see if they could camp in a state park. They had a warm showers host all lined up for today, but that would make their ride well over 100 miles and with the threat of a big thunderstorm, they decided to cut the day short as well. Hope they beat the storm!

Here’s the map and some pix from yesterday and today:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.26.29 PM

Here’s an Austin 6th St. picture where all the music happens.IMG_3327 More of 6th St. IMG_3330 I found this place for BBQ. It was rated as one of the best BBQ places in Austin, and it lived up to the hype. It was delicious!IMG_3331 I ate outside so I could keep an eye on Heyoka.IMG_3332 Looking across the street from Freedman’s.IMG_3334 Here’s the Texas Capitol Building. Had to end my tour of Austin and scurry back to the hotel. Another thunderstorm.IMG_3337 Here’s from today. Glenn and Maya leading the way. It was nice not to worry about getting lost, Maya was the official holder of the maps. We made one wrong turn and deducted 0.5 from her running tally of navigation points.IMG_3342 A Buddist compound. Couldn’t help but think of the Whataburger chain of restaurants when I saw the sign.IMG_3343 Glenn and Maya pouring over the maps during a rest stop.IMG_3346 The farm land reminds me of Virginia. Maya said it reminded her of Louisiana, where she hails from.IMG_3348 IMG_3350 Glenn’s the tiny dot way up the road. At times, I struggled a bit to keep up. We had a local yahoo drive by and throw a big gulp missile at Glenn. Most of the slush missed him, but he was steaming about it for a while. IMG_3351The Colorado winds all over the place. Crossed over it in Austin a few times too. This was in Bastrop.
IMG_3354 Someone parked their jet here and must have locked the keys in it.IMG_3355

Tomorrow’s probably only going to be 40 miles or so again. La Grange is the next place that has motels and the weather looks iffy again.



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  1. I can’t believe people throw stuff at bicyclists! That’s a jailable offense in some places, Jeff could get you some stats on that. Poor Glenn, I’m glad most of the mess missed him. Love you!

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