Hondo to San Antonio

Today, I rode into San Antonio. I decided to stay over an extra night so I can see the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Only 40 miles and it would have been a great ride if it hadn’t rained practically the whole way! Heyoka and I were covered in sand and grit and soaked when we got to the Red Roof Inn. I called earlier and made reservations. It’s a good thing too, I think they may have turned us away if I hadn’t already paid. The ride into the metro area was interesting. The GPS routed me correctly, even though I had my doubts. I did have to make a few left turns from some 3 and 4 lane roads. Pretty dicey. I expected some honks and hollers, but all the drivers were patient today. Which reminds me, in Virginia when the drivers holler at you, it sounds like “Deedle, Deedle, Dee!!!”. In California, it sounds like “Caramel Malted!!!”

Here’s the map and a few photos. The rain made stopping for pix a pain.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 4.33.22 PM



As I was leaving the motel this morning, I saw a big plume of black smoke coming from the direction I would be heading. One of the other guests at the motel said he heard an explosion right before. When I got there, this bus was still smoldering. No passengers on board, just the driver and she got out ok.IMG_3188 A 5 minute break in the rain for a rain gear photo. The smile is forced.IMG_3189

Here’s a picture for Monty. Can’t imagine how a place would shut down with this business model!IMG_3190When I go to dinner tonight, I think I’ll get a piece of pie for dessert. I hope I remember the á la mode.



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  1. CONGRATS on halfway! Are we still having fun? well, we are reading your blogs. So glad you’re staying over & doing something fun for yourself! Are you heading to Austin next? Just think, 260 more miles and you could’ve been at the Texas race tonight! Get pedaling, Bristol is next week, ;). Hope you enjoy the Alamo, á la mode and it doesn’t run you to the commode! Have fun, be safe!

  2. Yep, Austin or near there on Monday, Tuesday for sure. I had cheesecake at a deli for dessert. I forgot all about the á la mode!

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