Uvalde to Hondo, TX – A little over half way!

I rode in the rain from Uvalde to Hondo today. Only 43 miles, but it put me a little over half way to St. Augustine! The ride doesn’t look like much elevation wise, but it was difficult none the less. Headwinds combined with rain made it ugly. The last couple of hours were pleasant though, so it ended up being an ok ride. I thought I’d treat myself to a better hotel in Hondo, but the Best Western was booked up. I ended up getting the last room in a cheap hotel and a smoking room at that! There’s a big motorcycle rally going on this weekend. I guess I’m lucky to have a room. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for an even greater chance of rain, so it’ll be another fun day. I’m heading to San Antonio tomorrow and if the rain clears off, I may stay over. I’d like to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

Here’s the map from today and some pictures (somewhat out of chronological order):

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.04.55 PM



After the 2 inches of rain during the night, everything is green.IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3149

IMG_3152An unlucky farmer just cut his hay yesterday. So much rain can ruin a cutting.IMG_3172Click on the picture to listen to Tom Waits singing about a jailbreak.IMG_3177The irrigation monster is idle today.IMG_3178We’re here!IMG_3183They sent a limo to get me. Where’s my key to the city?IMG_3186IMG_3187 Another business gone out of business.IMG_3155 I love the precision of the crop rows.IMG_3158 Some yellow wildflowers.IMG_3163 IMG_3165 This is a little town called D’Hanis. The little row of buildings have the railroad passing behind them. It looks like a town from the early days of the railroads.IMG_3167 Here’s the hotel there. It’s now a bed and breakfast called J.M. Koch’s Hotel B&B.IMG_3168 IMG_3169





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  1. Barry said ‘yep, those half million dollar tractors can plant pretty rows’. it is amazing how they now have computers, gps, and practically run by themselves! Don’t let Heyoka pick up no hitchhikers! HOw was the limo ride?

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