Day off. Flat tire. River. Beer.

I took another day off today and did some sightseeing. Also, some bike maintenance. I woke up this morning to a flat tire. First one of the trip! I started putting in a new tube and noticed the tire itself had a couple of holes in it. No point in putting a good tube in a bad tire. I found a bike repair shop that was open on Sunday (surprise). The Alamo Bike Shop was open and they had a tire and tube to fit, so I had them mount it. A four mile walk and I got to see some of San Antonio’s sketchy neighborhoods. Later, I walked around the Alamo memorial and the Riverwalk. Here’s some pix from today.

Stopped here to sell some plasma to pay for the tire.IMG_3208Downtown San Antonio has lots of old buildings with interesting designs.
IMG_3209 The Alamo memorial is mostly just a nice courtyard garden.IMG_3210 IMG_3211 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3216 IMG_3220 IMG_3223 IMG_3227IMG_3228IMG_3229IMG_3230IMG_3232IMG_3237IMG_3238IMG_3239IMG_3240IMG_3241Here’s the Riverwalk. I walked along the river.IMG_3242IMG_3244IMG_3246IMG_3249IMG_3251IMG_3254IMG_3256IMG_3257IMG_3258And then I drank a beer and had a bbq plate.IMG_3260IMG_3261I’ll head toward Austin tomorrow, either to New Braunfels (36 miles) or San Marcos (56 miles), depending on how the rodes are and how the rider holds up.



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Day off. Flat tire. River. Beer. — 4 Comments

  1. so Heyoka got a new shoe after all, maybe not prada, eh? did you donate enough plasma? what did he do while you strolled the walk along the river? hope you don’t get a shiner from that shiner, and too many you may be off another day! ha enjoy! safe travels to your next layover.

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