Woohoo. Six category 4 climbs.

Here’s today’s ride. It included six category 4 climbs. You can click on the map for more details.Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 6.01.15 PM



Beautiful weather to start out again today!

IMG_1650Although, there was a wind advisory and instead of the normal winds from the west, they came from the east. So, most of the day I had intermittent head winds.


Started out riding along nice quiet rural roads.IMG_1651


Then came Interstate 8. I had to put my ear plugs in!IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1654


At a vista on I-8, I met John and Carla from San Diego. He’s a recently retired guy and they’re RVing to the desert for some 4 wheeling and dune buggy fun. He told me where they would be camping for the next week and offered an RV meal. It’s right on my route, but I think it’ll be more than a week before I make it to that area. IMG_1663

John & Carla were meeting up with some friends in another RV. And here they are. Didn’t catch their names though.


Lots o’ hills.



I stopped at Descanso Junction to grab a bite of lunch. Good food and very friendly staff!IMG_1674


Sporting my Christmas present from Katharine. A great cycling jacket that kept me toasty warm in the 30-60 mph gusts of head winds!IMG_1681


Onward and upward.IMG_1678


And finally, the end of the day at Pine Valley Inn.IMG_1683



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Woohoo. Six category 4 climbs. — 1 Comment

  1. Bar-loo wants to know, if you knew you were going to have to dig yourself out of such a hole to get started? Do you think its better to have started out doing the hills or have to fight them after you’d been pedaling for 3000 miles? Just keep thinking about your motivation at the beginning… ‘I think a can, I think a can, I think a can of beer is at the end’. lol

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