Just another oofy day

Today was another rough day. The climb into Alpine was only 16.8 miles, but I was completely wiped out and had to hole up at the Ayres Lodge. Tomorrow looks even worse. Come on Arizona! Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 6.20.42 PM

Temp starting out was pretty nice!




Along the way, it made it to 86.5.




Them thar hills are about to be climbed!IMG_1630 IMG_1629


At the corner of Macho & Sissi, you better walk right.


I took a wrong turn along the way and ran into Brian. He’s an Adventure Cycling tour guide and was heading up to get the van for the van supported tour starting Sunday. They travel light, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing them whiz by me soon.IMG_1631


Another pic for SuziIMG_1637



The constant incline begins.IMG_1638


And continuesIMG_1639


Oof startsIMG_1640




This is Steve from England. He and his wife live part of the year in France and part in England. He caught up to me and we rode together for awhile until I had to stop and rest. I’ll maybe meet up with him again on the road.IMG_1642



This sign tricked me. I still had 2 miles of uphill riding to get into the city.IMG_1643

Looking back down the climb.IMG_1644

And looking up the climb. IMG_1645


Here’s Rachael & Olive from Los Angeles. They started out on March 2 from LA and rode to San Diego and then headed up to Alpine. They’re also following the Southern Tier route. They’ve ridden across country numerous times and have the legs to prove it. Olive is showing me her tree trunks. Rachael said not to worry, I’ll develop some trunks too. Hope so, these hills are killing me!IMG_1646

Had supper at this Greek place. Delicious gyro and salad.IMG_1647


Way more hotel than I needed, but my legs said PROCEED NO FURTHER.IMG_1649

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