Descending into the high desert.


Today was much easier! Lots o’ downhills.Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 6.35.52 PM


Started the morning out with breakfast at Major’s Diner. Good food, good service.


Ran into this group of women cyclists following the Southern Tier. Here’s Nancy, Carol and Katie. Kept running into the group of 24 women all day. Got to know them commiserating our struggles uphill.



The first part of the day was up, up, up.IMG_1693IMG_1715IMG_1713

Kept getting passed by the women from the women’s group. They’re all riding with no bags and gear. Makes a big difference. 25 pounds vs. 100. Just whining.IMG_1722IMG_1720IMG_1719IMG_1718

This is Rita. She’s done the trip many times. Don’t think she’d be mad at me for saying she’s 70!IMG_1717IMG_1716


Here’s the big border fence between us and Mexico.IMG_1732

It stretches for miles!IMG_1731IMG_1730IMG_1729IMG_1726IMG_1725Heyoka resting.


I caught up to the ladies at the hotel. They booked all the rooms! So, I ended up camping there. 10 bucks for secure camping, not bad. They were very kind and invited me to a gourmet dinner!IMG_1744

Here they are going over their route for tomorrow.IMG_1743IMG_1742Had a couple of margaritas’s with them too!IMG_1741IMG_1740IMG_1739IMG_1737IMG_1736IMG_1745


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Descending into the high desert. — 2 Comments

  1. We stopped to check on Bob today, and he was laughing at you whining!
    We told him he better be careful, he may get taken off the housesitters list.

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