Day 17 — Orange you glad I’m in Alabama?

Miles today: 40

Miles total: 623

Flats today: 1

Flats total: 1

Today started with uncertainty about the weather, followed by me being directionally challenged and riding 5 miles the wrong direction. The weather forecast called for some heavy thunder showers, but fortunately they never showed up. I had my first flat tire today. I ended up having to completely remove the rear wheel so I could put a new tube in. I tried to patch the old tube, but the thing must have a bunch of holes. I couldn’t even get it inflated enough to try and find the hole. I’m pretty sure I rode on it all this morning with low tire pressure and probably that’s what chewed up the tube. A big thanks to Billy at Cardinal Bicycle, who provided phone support for me to stumble my way through fixing my first flat. I don’t think I’d make a good pit crew member, it took me about an hour to change the tube. The temperature today was about perfect. Never above 80 all day. Nice for a change. Another milestone, Alabama! As a celebration, I treated myself to a stay at a beach front resort hotel. It was nice sitting in the lobby bar, having a margarita and watching the storm clouds safely inside! I followed that with an oyster po’ boy and a red stripe beer to top off the evening.

Here’s the pix from today:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.00.08 PM


Some pix from the historic district of Pensacola.


IMG_1967 IMG_1974


After all the detours, here’s where I got back in sync with the Adventure Cycling maps.



This is Bethany. She was my server at Brother’s BBQ. They let me in, even though I was a greasy mess from changing the tire. She is getting ready to move to Eugene, Oregon from Pensacola and was interested in my trip. She’s planning to go cross country by herself for the move, not by bike though, she has a cat and dog.


Nice little dock on the river side. IMG_1979

Big ol’ house for sale.




On these houses, you can see where the waterline was from the recent flood.







IMG_1983 IMG_1984

The bridge going over the intercoastal waterway.


Looking down at the intercoastal waterway.



More inter coastal waterway.


On the intercoastal waterway bridge stopping where you’re not supposed to.




It’s ok to take a selfie while riding, ain’t it? I’m not texting.



Perdido Key high rises.



My mom says hi.


Perdido Key beachy marshy area.



Interesting building and threatening clouds.



Crossed my first state line!


My room at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama.


View from my room. I wanted beach front, but this was a close as they had available.



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Day 17 — Orange you glad I’m in Alabama? — 5 Comments

  1. Mason liked the picture of you that he said makes you look like a cybernetic organism. We all enjoyed reading of your adventures today! Glad you made it safely to Alabama. Love you!

  2. CONGRATS GRIZZ & HEYOKA!! first, don’t you got GPS and GPS on your cell? whats the problem? you or the GPS’es? all those extra miles made your tire tube poop out! On the other hand, have you met someone or seen something special that you would’ve missed had you not got lost? Your “mom saying Hi” today was double special….for your birthday and for mother’s day weekend!! how bout that? Enjoy your birthday resort visit, but no Heyoka after too many red stripes, Margaritas or straight rum! Hope you have a Happy Birthday! We’ll have to eat more german chocolate cake when you get back. Love ya!

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