Day 16 — Get out of the way, FEMA, I’m a west going Zax.

Miles today: 44

Miles total: 583

Today, I started out early to make sure I made it to Pensacola around check-in time at a nice hotel. I wanted to stay for an extra day to take in the sights. Haha, didn’t think about the storm damage and all the detours. Plus, I had a hard time finding a motel that wasn’t booked by FEMA or construction crews. I ended up in a Super 6. I thought it would be pretty crummy for 50 bucks, but it turned out to be very nice. Great wifi, hot shower, good AC, ok bed. So, I’m thinking I will leave in the morning and try to be at a resort type hotel by the end of the day. Who knows.

I updated Day 15’s entry to include all the photos I took, so check it out too.

Here’s the pix of the day:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 5.56.30 PM


Today’s route stayed mostly on the rural roads. Lots of pine forests and more hilly.



Some little goats along the Blackwater Bicycle Trail going into Milton. Really nice bicycle roadway. It’s always a relief when 18-wheelers aren’t flying by 3 feet away from you.


Another shot of the Blackwater Trail.



Some nice farmland halfway between Holt and Milton.


IMG_1960 IMG_1957


More pines.



More pines.


Between Pace and Pensacola.


IMG_1965 IMG_1964

This is Charlie from Scotland now living in France. He is riding from Miami to Los Angeles. He rode up behind me and slowed down to talk awhile. Charlie rides about 100 miles a day! I asked him what his normal pace was and he said he tries to average 22 mph. He rides all over and once raced in France in a 300k (~180 miles). He was in the saddle for 22 hours. Ouch!


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