Day 14 — 14.287514 percent complete!

Miles today: 42

Miles total: 492

Today I reached the milestone of completing one segment of the 7 segment ride. St. Augustine to DeFuniak Springs, 424.5 miles plus some extra miles getting lost. A nice bed and AC won out again over camping. Starting to see a trend, eh? The GPS temp hit 108 again today. The ride average temp was 86. It really didn’t feel that hot except when I stopped. And the mosquitos track you down when you’re stopped, so it’s best not to dilly dally. The love bugs are annoying at times too, but I don’t think they’re at their peak yet. I start using Map 6 tomorrow (they run in reverse when going east to west). If today was any indication, it looks like I’ll be riding through some rolling hills, so my progress may slow a bit. We’ll see. Oh we will, will we.

Here’s the pix:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 5.10.31 PM


What I’ve completed so far, starting at the lower right hand corner, working backwards:




Map 7 is done, next up map 6.IMG_1892


Alligator creek. It didn’t take me long to get across that bridge!




Stopped for a big coke and a big Reese’s candy bar.




Ponce de Leon. The town wasn’t much bigger than the sign. No fountain of youth, either.




The end of map 7.



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Day 14 — 14.287514 percent complete! — 9 Comments

  1. Man looks like fun. I wish I was with you I love me some touring! Keep it up. If you need anything just call us (Cardinal Bicycle)

    • Hey David, yes, it’s been nice so far! The bike is doing great too. You guys did a great job getting me ready for touring. Thanks!

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