Day 13 — Knee deep. Knee deep. Knee deep.

Miles today: 45

Miles total: 450

Today was another beautiful day. A bit hot though. Once my GPS registered 108 degrees! But it was in the low 90s for most of the day. Holed up in a Days Inn in Chipley, FL. I thought my AC was making a froggy sounding noise, but found out I have a frog pond right outside my window. Sounds pretty cool. Since I’ve been mostly hoteling it, I’m reconsidering my commitment to camping along the way. I’m carrying around 50 lbs. of extra weight with all the camping gear, so it would certainly streamline my ride, if I jettisoned some of my stuff. My daughter said I must have packed like she does. I think it runs in the family, you never know when you’ll need that 5 lb. claw hammer, etc. I did leave the kitchen sink at home, so I won’t have to ship that back.

Here’s the pix from today:

GPS worked like a charm in the new time zone.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.27.18 PM


Continental BreakfastIMG_1870


I stopped at Pappy Toms Restaurant in Sneads, but they were closed. This is Vicky. She saw me trying to open the locked door and came out and was very helpful sending me off in the direction of someplace for breakfast.



Here’s the place Vicky sent me, Blondie’s. It was in Grand Ridge and they had already quit serving breakfast when I made it there, but were kind enough to fix me up a nice breakfast anyway. I noticed this sign while eating. It figures, I left 3 dead rattlesnakes in the bathtub at the hotel.



Here’s Jo and Richard. They rolled into the McDonalds in Marianna where I was waiting around for CVS to fill my prescription. That’s one of the hassles of traveling like this, you have to get the drug store to call your home drug store and then they send the prescription. Takes about an hour. Anyway, Jo and Richard were riding with an Adventure Cycling tour coming in from San Diego. They only have about a week left for their tour. We exchanged emails and blogs and they went on to join their group at a campground east of Marianna. The youngest in the group is 62. Richard is 70, but sure doesn’t look it. They said they have an 80 year-old in the group too.







Here’s Tim and Pam from Cottondale. They were having pizza at Hungry Howies in Chipley, where I had dinner and stopped for the night. They were helpful with directions to the motel.



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