Day 11 — Annnnd they’re off!

Miles today: 46

Miles total: 363

I may not be a Kentucky Derby winner, or a horse, but they only ride for 2 minutes. I rode today for 5:15. Let’s see you do that, California Chrome! So, the Adventure Cycling gurus staying at the Bluebird Goat farm tell me I should only ride between 40 and 50 miles each day for a couple of weeks to build up. Today’s ride was 46.2 miles. I decided to stay at the Midway, FL Best Western. I’ll load up on the breakfast in the morning and take off for Sneads or Grand Ridge, FL. Only a couple of pix today, but here they are:

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 5.42.54 PM




This is Ralph from Wisconsin. He’s a mail handler for the post office and has made the cross country trip twice! I met him at a convenience store east of Tallahassee. He’s heading to West Palm Beach from San Diego. He gave me some tips and I had him pick my bike up and see if I was carrying too much gear. He said, YES, by about 20 pounds. I’ll be trying pare it down in the next few days.






This was not on the Adventure Cycling route but, I took it, so I could experience the canopy road. Nice.IMG_1845

Here’s where I had lunch in Tallahassee. La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant. Not as good as El Charro in Floyd!



Now it’s time for a trip to the beer store and chicken place next door to the hotel.


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