Day 10 — Open the pod bay doors, Hal. I’m sorry Lee. I can’t do that.

Miles today: 0.000000000000

Miles total: 316.5

Another day waiting out the weather. Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny, so I can hit the road. Here’s some pix of the cyclists heading the other way. Their trip HAS to end on Monday, so they hit the road today. Also, I realized I had my iPhone’s camera set to some funky green tint. I must have hit it somewhere trying to take pix while riding.

Here’s some of Maria’s teeny tiny Lord of the Rings characters:


Nicole from Adventure Cycling hitting the road as today’s SAG driver.IMG_1841


IMG_1839 Nicole, Maria and meIMG_1838 Off they goIMG_1837 IMG_1823Can’t remember his name, but he’s a retired Firefighter/Paramedic CaptainIMG_1814 IMG_1812 IMG_1808 One of the cyclists rides a recumbent bikeIMG_1794 IMG_1783Modeling his rain gear, this cyclists was just leaving as the rain started picking up again. IMG_1780

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