Day 8 — Lay back and groove on a rainy day

Miles today: 0

Miles total: 303

Today was a rainy day and great for an off day. I just relaxed all day and read, napped and watched Full Metal Jacket. Maria made a delicious egg, bacon, hash brown and toast breakfast. For supper we grilled out hamburgers. Even though I kind of destroyed them trying to flip em, they were still delicious, made with Maria’s super secret hamburger patty recipe. If Maria and Diane are representative of the warm showers group, it should be smooth sailing finding accommodations the rest of the trip, they are wonderful hosts. Only have a couple of pix today, too busy sleeping and watching TV.

For relaxation, Maria paints teeny tiny Lord of the Rings characters and builds intricate collector quality dioramas featuring gold leaf, tiny jewels, rocks, fiber optic lighting and real moss. The detail is so fine, you have to look at them with a huge magnifying glass to see the tiny details. Here’s her workbench in the inner sanctum (no dogs allowed).IMG_1735

A couple of tree frogs hiding under the grill cover. They were delicious.IMG_1741 IMG_1743

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Day 8 — Lay back and groove on a rainy day — 2 Comments

  1. Loving your posts each day. Dick is staying in touch and we’re having lunch again Friday. He, of course, misses you!! Sounds like you’re meeting lots of nice people–making a lot of memories. Good for you.

  2. Glad you took the day off to rest! we didn’t need you floating away in those 20 inches of rain your area got in last 24 hrs. I was going to tell you how we got 2 inches back here at home, but it sounds like a trinkle compared to FL. Anyhooo…. we were out strolling and checked on Bob. He seems to be doing well at your house, hasn’t went AWOL yet. Got the yard mowed, so things are fine here. We’ll keep watching over Bob, your house and every thing else, too. No worries at home, so enjoy yourself.

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