Day 7 — Cold rain ends with warm showers

Miles today: 38

Miles total: 303

I started out today with hopes of riding all the way to Tallahassee. Sixty two miles or so. Didn’t happen. Thirty minutes into my ride, the sky opened up with a torrential rain. I got to try out my new rain gear. It worked like a charm. Once I made it 36 miles to Monticello the threat of more rain and thunder and lightning convinced me to start looking for a place to stay. I checked with the site and found a fantastic host just a little over a mile away. Maria and Diane have been warm showers hosts for over 15 years at their farm. They offered me a private room with a private bath and dinner to boot! Maria said I can stay an extra day too. I’m due for a rest day, so I might take them up on their hospitality. All they ask in return is for me to send them a postcard from San Diego!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 6.11.07 PM

Not many pix from today. Too rainy.

Before I left the Best Western, I met a couple of friendly snowbirds. Ray and Joanne from Arlington, TX. They were heading back there from Florida for the summer. He’s a retired truck driver born in Jerusalem and immigrated here with only a couple hundred bucks in his pocket.  She’s a retired legal secretary. Both widowed, they met on! I think he said he’s 84, but I may be mistaken, he sure didn’t look like it.


Here I am on the Ray Charles Memorial Highway trying out my rain gear.IMG_1728


I had to mess with the saturation of this picture to try and get the snake colors to come out. Anyone know what kind he is?IMG_1733Here’s my room at the Goat farm. Nice, eh?IMG_1734

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Day 7 — Cold rain ends with warm showers — 8 Comments

  1. Lee – I’ve been enjoying your posts. I’d love to catch up with you when you get back. That snake is my favorite kind. Dead.

    • Hey Monty, thanks and I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I’ll holler at you on Facebook when I’m back and we can meet up.

  2. Hey Lee. I am one of the guys from Calvin’s work. I am thoroughly enjoying looking at your pictures and reading your posts from this amazing adventure. I am with Calvin though. If I were to ride across the country, it would be with a V-Twin engine beneath me.
    Good luck and be safe on your journey.

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