Day 6 — Horses 1, humans 0

Miles Today: 42

Miles Total: 265

Today was a good riding day. Not too hot and for the most part not too windy. I ran into a couple of wicked cross winds, but they were brief. My goal today was to make it to Madison-ish and I did.

Nothing other than farmers riding by on tractors and a train engineer who tooted the horn when I waved.

I was also planning on staying in a campground, but the thought of a hotel with a nice bed, AC and shower won out. I’m at the Madison Best Western Plus just off I-10. I had to go about 6 miles out of the way to find a restaurant and the hotel was closer than the campground.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 6.39.37 PM


Here’s the pix from today:

These are all from a farm with tons of wildflowers along the fences. Couldn’t decide on which one to post, so I posted them all.IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1687 IMG_1688


I have a little tripod and a camera app on my iPhone that lets me take photos remotely by whistling or clapping. The sound triggers the shutter. I liked the looks of this old farm with the rusty equipment, so I stopped to take a shot with me in it. I was whistling and clapping when …



this guy came running up to say hi.IMG_1694He was very friendly until I tried to pet him. Nothing like a big ol’ set of horse choppers to get you to pull your hand back quickly.



And just like that …IMG_1701

He disappeared.IMG_1700



Far out dude, I’m just trying to find myself!IMG_1708 Hey, enough with the little jokes.IMG_1710


Me and Heyoka being extravagant instead of camping.IMG_1712 Here’s something you don’t see right out your hotel door every day, a two-legged cow.IMG_1722 Nice room, eh?IMG_1714


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Day 6 — Horses 1, humans 0 — 5 Comments

  1. I loved the story about the bitey horse, ol’ Dad! Haha! Glad you kept all your fingers. Your photos are wonderful, and your silly jokes make everyone miss you even more! Mason and Jeff say hi. Love you!

  2. We are enjoying your bike trip with you. Reading your stories & pix are almost as though we’re there too. Who knew you were a horse whisperer, wait whistler? But, I think you better google pictures of ‘cow’. Sleep tight, travel safe & keep up the enjoyable, interesting and funny blogs. We love ya!

  3. Mary and I watch you every day and love your pictures,Teresa is also keeping up with you also some guys at work.Hope you are having a great time,be safe.

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