Day 5 — Long day, only because I had to

Miles today: 54

Miles total: 223

Yay, I cracked 200 miles. Just a few thousand more to go.

Today was a great day for riding. I left the campground around 10 and the temperature was near 80 degrees. Rode from the campground into town and had breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant. I got anything I wanted, which was eggs, bacon and pancakes. I remembered to start the Garmin back up, so I didn’t lose any mileage recording this time. As the day went on, it eventually hit 100 at one spot. But as long as I was moving and drinking lots of water, I was fine. Stopping about every 45 minutes to eat some pretzels and dried fruit and nuts helped to keep the electrolytes all balanced up (thanks Dr. Rich). And the hills aren’t killing me so much now, I’m able to stay mostly in the middle 10 gears. There were a couple of hills where I had to drop down into the lowest gears, but overall, I can tell it’s going to get easier. I wanted to ride about 45 miles today, but ended up riding almost 54! The maps showed a restaurant and campground at 45 miles, but they were both closed. I let my GPS do the driving again and it worked great this time. Checked into the “America’s Best Value Motel” and rode across the rode to have supper at MickyD’s. Bleh, but it filled me up. Then I rode to a convenience store and snagged a couple of Coronas. Here’s the map and pix from today:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.57.40 PMThe High Springs campground has mostly year round residents.
IMG_1645 Alice’s RestaurantIMG_1646Here’s a man’s well behaved service dog.IMG_1647

What the heck are these guys eating?IMG_1666Ah, my first Armadillo!IMG_1670First selfie where I’m not panting!IMG_1674A pair of ponds and possibly their live oaks?IMG_1677

Juan and Kim. More nice folks. I met them at the convenience store where I asked about the closed campground and restaurant. They’re long time residents of the area and were very helpful giving me routing advice. Juan said a lot of businesses in this area have closed. They saved me riding an extra 8 miles round trip looking for the campground. His advice was to stick near I-10 and I-75, which I did and that’s how I found the motel and MickyD’s.IMG_1679

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Day 5 — Long day, only because I had to — 2 Comments

  1. Love your posts! I look forward to them each day. Way to go on taking on the extra miles. I had to work part of my day on Dayshift yesterday so I truly feel your pain about the heat. Welcome to Florida! Stay safe and keep on posting!

  2. Hi Lee,
    It was nice talking to you yesterday! It’s great to see someone doing what you are doing and hearing their story! Juan and I look forward to seeing your post and will keep you in our prayers for your safe journey! 🙂
    Take Care!
    Kim and Juan

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