More St. Bees

I left out some of the St. Bees photos.

IMG_7796IMG_7797A sundial from 1649 in the courtyard of the St. Bees Priory.

St. Bees PrioryIMG_7814A gang of students from the St. Bees school attending a class at the Priory.
IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7820

St. Bee


IMG_7824A pilar indicating the consecrated ground. They were placed along the road to the cemetery, so pall bearers could set the casket down to have a rest.
IMG_7827 St. Bees School.IMG_7828 A view looking down at St. Bees.IMG_7831 IMG_7832 A pretty thistle.IMG_7833Fertile ground everywhere.
IMG_7836 Looking down on St. Bees beach from the start of the coast to coast path.IMG_7843



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