Hiking, not biking

Heyoka didn’t come along on this all-hiking trip.  My partner, Katharine and I set out from St. Bees on the west coast of England and hiked from the Irish Sea, across the Lake District, Moors and Yorkshire to Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast of England at the Northern Sea. The Wainwright Walk is approximately 190 miles long and it took us about 17 days, hiking 8-15 miles a day. Here’s the photos and some videos of the trip upon our arrival in St. Bees and along the first day of hiking. The day before our walk, the weather was beautiful. 60s and 70s and sunny. On the start of our walk, it was in the 50s and rainy. We were waterlogged at the end of the day.


Looking down into St. Bees from the trail.IMG_7857


Here’s the map. I forgot turn on tracking until we were about 3 miles into the walk. You can click on it to see it on Strava.


The Irish Sea along the trail.IMG_7861 IMG_7864
IMG_7875 IMG_7881 IMG_7882 I can never tell if these are snap dragons or Foxglove.IMG_7885The whole route passes through farms. The public right of way has been established for hundreds of years, so farmers must maintain a way for travelers to pass through. Some passages are called kissing gates, some are just steps to climb over fences and some are big farm gates.IMG_7887 St. Bees school.IMG_7889 Sheep butt.IMG_7892 This was the start of the real deal. It rained all day, but was still fun. Here’s Katharine enjoying the cold rain.IMG_7903 IMG_7905 IMG_7906 IMG_7908 IMG_7912 IMG_7915


Katharine at the Wainwright Coast to Coast memorial.IMG_7922 Looking out from the B&B we stayed after the first day of hiking.IMG_7932 IMG_7937 Our first B&B on the trip. This was at Ennerdale Bridge / Cleater.IMG_7942–30–



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Hiking, not biking — 3 Comments

  1. Cool! I told bare-loo I wished you had done this while you were doing this so I could follow along with y’all on this! I enjoy reading and esp. All the pics! Thanks! Glad y’all enjoyed but gladder you’re back on US soil!

  2. I’m so glad you posted all these wonderful photos and videos! I love seeing all of them together on your blog, instead of Facebook. Most of all, I’m soooooo glad you guys are back home!
    Love you!

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