Hillsboro Beach to Hillsboro Beach

Yeah, that’s right. I stayed put and took shelter from the storm. Or mostly the winds. The winds are fierce today, 30 mph sustained with 45 mph gusts, which would be in my face. I’ve ridden in 20mph headwinds and it was not fun, lots o’ peddling, little progress. You feel like your treading water. And I’m staying in the same hotel with the lousy internet. I may have fixed it though by changing my DNS settings to use google instead of comcast.

Also, I added a page to the top under the banner with maps of the Key West ride as suggested by Jayne.

Here’s my map (you can click on it for details) from yesterday. The photos are in random order. I still had some internet trouble so it is what it is, isn’t it? It is.

1-14-16-mapIMG_1130IMG_8322Boynton Beach Park MascotIMG_0008
IMG_4490IMG_5705IMG_3283 IMG_4233 IMG_0052 IMG_9119 IMG_4134


IMG_6640IMG_6443Here’s the hotel where I’m staying.IMG_2901IMG_6630IMG_3049

Another ride along video:






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Hillsboro Beach to Hillsboro Beach — 5 Comments

  1. Hey, thanks for the maps! But I got a ? … Why do the maps end at key west? You are coming back home, right? I mean, are you still planning to return up the gulf coast? Anyhoo, glad you hid out today, better to be safe. You ain’t in no hurry timeline, esp if you staying, eh? Oh, enjoying the videos! Be safe, love ya!

  2. That’s as far as I’ve gotten in my map making. I have to enter every dang turn to create the GPS maps using the paper maps. The GPS files that come with the paper maps are only straight lines from major turn to major turn, so my GPS always tells me I’m off course, but of course I usually am off course.

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