Measure twice, cut once.

I rode from Stuart to West Palm Beach today. I’m over half way to Key West! I forgot to measure my options for finding a hotel. I was almost all the way through West Palm when I started looking for hotels and couldn’t find any in my price range in the South Palm Beach area. My app found one for 799 a night! That’s when I decided to turn back around and look for something closer to the downtown area. I found a Red Roof Inn reasonably priced near I-95. I had to ride back the wrong way 8 miles to find it though.

Here’s the map from today (you can click on it to see it on and pictures:


Port SalernoIMG_3908 Hobe SoundIMG_3434 Jupiter IslandIMG_5660 IMG_9902All the houses on Jupiter Island kept the ocean views to themselves. They all had lush plantings that all but obscured the views. Nice to own the ocean, eh?
IMG_6835 Just beyond that threshold is the beach!IMG_9756 Last chance to see this spot. Note the red pre-construction flag. IMG_6506 IMG_1577

Here’s a shaky little video I took while riding along the beach.

IMG_8781 (1)

A pretty plant with white berries.IMG_4644 IMG_4892 The Nature Conservancy saved a big chunk of Jupiter Island from development.IMG_7789 Jupiter SoundIMG_0223 And directly across the street on the ocean side.IMG_8299 IMG_0306 IMG_4552Carlin Park on Jupiter IslandIMG_0064 IMG_9171

Lake Worth Cove, North Palm BeachIMG_7795 Phil Foster Park, West Palm BeachIMG_7633 IMG_1667A guy leaning against a wall, looking poor.




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Measure twice, cut once. — 4 Comments

  1. I enjoyed watching your video! I bet I could find all sorts of interesting creatures, reptiles, and such in the vegetation along the road there. I’m glad you had nice weather for riding today! Love you!

  2. Maybe the guy “looking poor” had to stay at that hotel and didn’t ask price before spending the night. And, it Looks like the Jupiter folks are worried or guilty about taking the ocean for themselves, check out all the surveillance cameras on that post! And I loved the video! Can’t wait til we get to ride with ya on the overseas highway to key west! Safe travels, love ya!

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