Vero Beach to Stuart

I rode 45.7 miles today to Stuart. The temperature started out at a chilly 63, but made it all the way to 77! The breeze was still cold enough to warrant a jacket all day. I wasn’t alone, it looked like most of the natives and snow birds were bundled up as well. Here’s the map from today and pictures:


Avalon Beach State Park, Ft. PierceIMG_7047 IMG_2850 (1) IMG_3778 IMG_6362 Heyoka chilling and listening to the waves.IMG_3783 (1) A battle boat of some sort.IMG_4321 The Navy Seals MuseumIMG_0415 Rob and Ness, newlyweds from England. They began their bicycle journey the same time they began their marriage. Going on 6 months now and they’ve covered a lot of Europe and are now biking around the US. I think they said their headed up and over to New Orleans. Nice folks. Here’s a link to their blog: wonderingnewlyweds.wordpress.comIMG_0668 On one of many bridge crossings today, this one’s draw was drawn. The first time I’ve been stopped waiting on a boat to pass. It wasn’t even a very big boat. Pretty cool.IMG_4143 (1)

And here’s a movie of it dropping back down, if you’re interested:


This was a small group of guys riding on some overnights to get in shape for a Cuba biking tour. Hmm, maybe I’ll add that to my cycling wish list.
IMG_0949 Here’s Charlotte from Chicago. Taking a painting holiday. She was painting a watercolor of the Indian River shoreline.IMG_2141 (1) IMG_1672 (1) IMG_8294


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  1. Hey, your first video…cool…I’m surprised you haven’t done any before. Anxious to see the bridges ahead! Safe travels, luv ya!

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