The sunshine state?

Today I rode 41.2 miles from Titusville to Melbourne. It was another dreary day, can’t wait until I’m in Key West! Here’s the map from today and some pix:



Some albino crowsIMG_5548 IMG_5551 IMG_5556 IMG_5564

IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5570 IMG_5575 A bunch of boats in Cocoa with one sinking in the middle.IMG_5577 Here’s a cropped view where you can sort of see it sinking. Somebody had a bad day.IMG_5577-sink IMG_5580 Some hydroponic strawberries.IMG_5582



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The sunshine state? — 5 Comments

  1. Be sure to bundle up Uncle Lee! It’s supposed to get a bit colder come tomorrow. Looks like you are making good time. Sorry the “Sunshine State” isn’t cooperating with your travels. Love you and stay safe!

    • It hasn’t been too cold to ride yet. That’s the main thing. I have plenty of warm gear in case I need it. Guess I should be happy I haven’t been drenched!

  2. Well, to make y’all feel warmer down there, it’s 30 right now, with windchill feels like 19, so who’s talking bout needing warm clothes? Just watch out for them tornadoes down there. Now, did you pick some them strawberries? If ya did, you can prolly find some cocoa to dip in, eh? Safe travels!

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