Off into the wild gray yonder.

I rode 42.9 miles from St. Augustine to Ormond Beach today. The weather was dreary, but it didn’t start drizzling until late in the day, so it was comfortable riding for the most part.

Here’s the map and some pictures from today:


The Mantanzas river.IMG_5459

Anastasia Island at Crescent Beach

IMG_5452 (1)

I asked a hairy bear to take a picture of me. Beverly Beach.


A nice little starter house in Palm Coast. There were lots of houses like this with very few of them occupied. Guess they’re too cramped for anything other than an occasional weekend stay.IMG_5472

Finally some blue sky. Enough to knit a cat a pair of pajamas at least.

Larry and Rocky from Michigan. He volunteered to take a picture of me and Heyoka. He said he made the mistake of letting Rocky listen on the phone to his mom back in Michigan. Rocky was sad and cried for her. He said they’re going back home mid-January, so his pup will be happy.

Me and Heyoka resting.IMG_5484



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Off into the wild gray yonder. — 3 Comments

  1. Wow! Is you in a hurry, or having so much fun you couldn’t stop pedaling? Which was for rent, Larry or Rocky? ;-). Safe travels. Watch out for them there hairy bears! Hopefully we won’t have another one get into your trash like last time you was on your pedaling adventure. Love ya!

  2. Sounds like a great first day! Might want to stop at the drug store for a little muscle rub! Keep those photos coming and be safe out there!

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