St. Augustine!

I rode from Palatka to St. Augustine today, a short ride of 32 miles. The only part of the trip remaining is Heyoka’s dip in the ocean. I’ll do that tomorrow after Katharine arrives. Then we’ll have a quick tour of St. Augustine and drive back to Virginia on Wednesday. What an adventure! It’s funny how when you look back on an experience like this, all you can remember is the good stuff. The days of riding in the rain and cold, a tornado nearby, flat tires, cable breaks, all of that just moves to the part of your brain where you file it away in the minor annoyances section. If you’ve thought about doing a similar trip, here’s my advice: do it!

Here’s the map from today and some pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.11.24 PMAt breakfast this morning, I met a bunch of Adventure Cyclists also heading to St. Augustine. I forgot to write down their names, but one of them is the tour’s group leader. They left San Diego several days after I did and still caught up with me.IMG_4497The view from the parking lot at the motel. St. Johns river.IMG_4498IMG_4499IMG_4500Found another nice bike path. It had a lot of welcome shade at times.IMG_4510IMG_4511The welcome to St. Augustine sign was across a big intersection out of reach.IMG_4512So, I opted for this one I found along the way.IMG_4515The same motel I started from last year.IMG_4523IMG_4524

Tomorrow, the ceremonial dip in the ocean for Heyoka’s front tire.



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St. Augustine! — 13 Comments

  1. Congrats! We are So proud of ya. glad you went back to finish and made it all the way to Florida where it began last year. I’m sure you’re glad you did too. Safe travels home!

  2. btw.. Bob has mixed feelings. He’s glad you made your trip and safe but he’s going to miss staying at your house, it’s quiet and his crazy family don’t bother him there. He said to let ya know refrig is empty, your Netflix movies suck and he had some problems with the TV but will be glad to house sit anytime.

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