Perry FL to Newberry FL

Today I rode 83.9 miles to Newberry to my great niece Jen’s house. It was a good ride, but a little on the hot side. It hit 100 degrees at one point. She and her husband Andy are hosting me tonight. We had a wonderful poolside chat earlier and then went to dinner. They treated me to a huge hamburger dinner and a huge beer to boot.

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Here’s Joe and Barbara. They’re Brits now living in Florida. They were interested in my trip and are big Tour de France fans. IMG_4458 IMG_4459 IMG_4460 IMG_4462 Here’s Trevor. He flagged me down from across the highway to let me know there was a nice bike trail running parallel to the highway. After we introduced ourselves, we took off on the bike path. It was great until we came up against this barricaded bridge. It had bolted in barricades at both ends. Trevor jumped them and couldn’t see any problems with the bridge, so he chose to unload his bike and drop it over the barricade, ride the bridge and then do the same at the other end. I elected to go back and take the highway again. I didn’t want to have to unload, reload and unload Heyoka and then possibly having to do it again at another bridge. They didn’t have signs warning about the closure nor any explanation as to why it was closed.IMG_4463 IMG_4464 Trever ran down to the other end of the bridge to check out the other barricade.IMG_4465 Here’s Coco from Sarasota. We passed her going toward the bridge and then I passed her again when I retreated.IMG_4467

IMG_4468 Jet skis way down upon the Suwannee RiverIMG_4469 Here’s my great niece Jen. She and Andy put me up for the night and took me to dinner to boot!IMG_4473

Next up Palatka



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