Bridge out, use alternate route

Today, my plan was to ride 80+ miles from Deming, AZ to Anthony, NM. But about a quarter of the way there a bridge was out and I had to take a detour to I-10. Since I was then on I-10, I decided to head to Las Cruces instead. It was only 58 miles away. Glad I did, I was really tired by the time I got here. I think 50 to 60 miles is going to be my goal for the next few rides. Here’s the map and some pictures. Again, on the interstate, there’s not many photo opportunities.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.32.18 PM


A mass of cows lurking in the distance.IMG_2580


Just off the interstate, there’s lots of trash floating around in an otherwise pretty view. Spring hasn’t sprung this far yet. Mostly browns and grays.IMG_2583 IMG_2591 You can’t really tell from the camera angle, but riding into Las Cruces is a big downhill run. The city is just beyond the rise.IMG_2607

Here’s a panorama shot from a rest stop at the edge of the city.IMG_2609Meep meep!
IMG_2617IMG_2614The sign says: Rio Grande
IMG_2618And there it is, in all it’s raging glory.IMG_2619You can tell from this picture how far it rises during the rainy season.


Tomorrow should be a short day. I’ll head to El Paso and stop in a bike shop to buy an extra shifter cable and see if they can replace a missing screw on the rear pannier rack.




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  1. It’s amazing to think about the Rio Grande, and the way it has been carving out the Grand Canyon all those eons. It looks so delicate and unassuming in that photo! Love you!

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