Serendipity in the desert.

Before setting out this morning, I was able to jerry rig my broken shifter cable so I could have a low climbing gear, but not much for the down hills. I started out wondering if the fix would hold, but after a few miles, the fix seemed fine and riding was good. A couple of Harley Davidson, ape-hanger motorcycles passed me in the opposite direction and I heard them slow down. In my mirror, I saw them turn around and then pass me going in the same direction. Then I saw them pull over a half mile ahead of me. Uh-oh, hope it’s a robbery rather than squealing like a pig! But as I approached them, I heard, “Hey Lee!”. It turned out it was the other Lee out riding his motorcycle with a friend and they saw me and wanted to stop and say hi. Phew. Then later on, a bunch of cyclists passed me and offered me a free lunch if I stopped at their rest stop. Sounded good, so eventually, I made it to the stop and when I did, one of them told the leader that I had a bike problem. He came over, looked at it a minute or two and went into the big touring trailer and came back with a brand new cable! He installed it, adjusted it, taught me how to make the repair and then invited me to have lunch. He wouldn’t let me pay for the repair nor the lunch. What a nice group of folks. His name is Lon Haldeman. Turns out, he’s a co-holder of the world record for cycling across the U.S. He and Pete Penseryes did it in 7 days and 14 hours. That’s over 3000 miles! He said they rode 22 hours a day. Lon is also the inaugural winner of the Race Across America. His touring company is called Pac Tour and they offer a variety of fully supported tours. What a day! Here’s the map and pictures from today:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 7.44.52 PM

The Sonoita Inn is a replication of the barn of a famous horse. Not sure if it’s Secretariat, but there were lots of pictures of him.IMG_2230 IMG_2231


Here’s the front of the inn.IMG_2257 Inside is way cool. Free wine and beverages 24×7 too.IMG_2232

IMG_2259 IMG_2263 IMG_2264

Lee and his friend Lou.IMG_2265 IMG_2266 Some of the cyclists I met along the way with the PAC group.IMG_2267 IMG_2268Here’s the lunch gathering of the PAC riders.IMG_2270 IMG_2269 IMG_2271 This is Lon, working on Heyoka.IMG_2272 Lon after the repair.IMG_2273 All the cycling groups have rules for washing up before eating. No gloves and you need to use the hand sanitizer.IMG_2274 IMG_2276IMG_2277IMG_2280IMG_2281IMG_2286IMG_2287IMG_2282

What a sky, eh? No filters, that’s exactly how it looks.

IMG_2278IMG_2286IMG_2287IMG_2288Finally, Tombstone!IMG_2289Lot of old buildings throughout town.IMG_2292

IMG_2293Had a couple of beers and half a rack of ribs here.



Tomorrow, Douglas, AZ and a stay in a haunted hotel, the Hotel Gadsden.



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