Oh, these chains. Oooooooo.

Excruciating hills for the first 24 miles, then the rest of the way was sweet downhills. The hills included one category 2 climb and one category 4. I couldn’t get many photos of the Bisbee area because I was flying down the road at 40 mph and didn’t want to lose my momentum. It was a cool looking old mining town though. I caught back up with the PAC gang of cycler’s twice today. They passed me going up the mountains from Tombstone and then again going down the mountains. I could have bummed another lunch at their stop in Bisbee, but didn’t see where they stopped. I’m staying in Douglas at an old hotel called the Hotel Gadsden. It’s famous for it’s ghosts. The massive stairway in the lobby was the site of Pancho Villa’s horse ride up the staircase. Here’s the map and pictures for today.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 3.46.51 PM


IMG_2337 IMG_2331 IMG_2325 IMG_2310 The first PAC cyclist to pass me.IMG_2309IMG_2308 IMG_2339 IMG_2335 IMG_2334 IMG_2328IMG_2327IMG_2326Saw this little shrine.IMG_2324IMG_2322IMG_2320Another passing cyclist.IMG_2314And here’s the peloton. These 15 lb. bikes are like sports cars! Mine is 100 lbs. with all my gear.IMG_2311IMG_2315IMG_2313IMG_2312IMG_2310IMG_2309IMG_2319IMG_2306IMG_2318IMG_2317IMG_2316IMG_2296



IMG_2362 IMG_2369 IMG_2368 IMG_2365 IMG_2363



A cyclists dream.IMG_2341 IMG_2343 This is the copper strip mine. It’s now a ecological disaster and they’re trying to find ways to keep the nasty stuff from leaching into the ground water.IMG_2347 IMG_2349 Bisbee.IMG_2344


IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2352


Tomorrow, New Mexico!


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