Arf then oof


Found an adapter at Walgreen’s, so here’s the map of the ride. You can click on the map and get all the stats if you’re interested.Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.10.34 AM

Today, we started at the Pacific. I dipped Heyoka’s wheels in at the San Diego dog park on the beach. It’s a wonderful beach just for dogs and the first in the country. We headed out from there mostly along a bike trail getting us out of San Diego. Then after an incredibly woofy climb up into the mountains, we ended up in Santee, CA. I could only do 24 miles or so. The climb was about 3 miles long and I kept stopping to rest. I’d look ahead on the road and say to myself, “ok, make it to the beer can ahead and then you can rest”. Then it was a shiny rock. Then a busted outlet cover. No dead animals yet. My legs were not prepared for such a steep climb. Coming down into the Santee area was nice though. Made it up to 34 miles an hour just coasting. I must have left my GPS usb cable at the last hotel. I’ll try to find a place here in Santee to pick one up, so I can put the maps on the blog.

When I started out this morning, it was already a nice day.



At the dog beach, I met his couple from Denver. They stopped me and asked if I had a bicycle pump. I did, but it wouldn’t fit their tires. So, then I asked them if they’d mind taking some pix of me dipping Heyoka in the Pacific. Here’s Ray and Lynn.


Here’s me dragging Heyoka out to the water. A hundred¬†pounds of bike and gear, don’t roll too easily on deep sand!IMG_1552

Me and Heyoka getting our feet wet in the Pacific.IMG_1572

One of the denizens of the dog park. He wanted to know what in the heck I was doing.IMG_1569


Some folks and their dogs having fun.IMG_1580


Heyoka pretending to be a dog.IMG_1587


Here’s Lynn and her dog Emma or Emmett.IMG_1591


Here’s some views along the bike path. It runs beside the San Diego river.IMG_1593IMG_1595IMG_1598IMG_1600


The first mission in California, according to the sign.IMG_1603IMG_1605IMG_1606


Lots of pretty neighborhoods along the way with plenty of flowers blooming.IMG_1607IMG_1609IMG_1610Here’s about half way up the mountain.¬†It wasn’t a Mill Mtn. type of climb, but it lasted so long, it felt worse.
IMG_1613A pizza dinner for one at Fox’s Pizza Den.IMG_1616IMG_1617Near the end of the ride, I remembered to check the temperature. Nice, eh?


Here’s where I’m staying.IMG_1619

And look what’s just outside my door. Mmmmmm, ice cream.IMG_1620

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Arf then oof — 2 Comments

  1. so you ended up at a can of ice cream instead of beer?
    after all that work…..did you enjoy a beer with the pizza?

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