Day 20 — Yipee Mrs. Ippy

Miles today: 57

Miles total: 731

Flats today: 0

Flats total: 1

Another great day for riding and another state border crossed. I’m now in Mississippi. Temps pretty much in the 80s all day, lots of rolling hills, but nothing too  difficult. Man, though, looking at the GPS record, the Adventure Cycling maps sure do go a round about way to get where they’re going! Camping tonight, since no hotels close by and I needed to do laundry anyway. The camp I wanted to go to was right on the route, but their water pump went out when they had all the flooding, so I had to ride an extra 6 miles to get to this campground.

Here’s the not many pix:

Can’t believe I forgot to post this one!


And this one, where our cat is saying hi!


Looking over a bridge at all the flooding that’s still around. I don’t think these houses are normally in the water.


IMG_2142 IMG_2145

Here’s a nice young man who flagged me down on the way to my campground. I can’t remember his first name, so I’ll call him Mr. Cole. He’s a year out of military service and is going to school on the GI bill. He wants to do a bike ride to Colorado to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and wanted some advice on getting started. I told him this was my first tour and I’m still learning too. He gave me his email, but it bounced back to me. I hope he can find my blog eventually.


My humble abode beckons me. There may be a Corona beer or two hidden in there, who knows.




Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.21.26 PM

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