Day 2 — Woof, I thought Florida was flat!

I rode from Palatka to Melrose. I’m camped out behind a Baptist Church. They were very nice and allowed me to set up my tent for the night. Before that, I stopped at a house where the owner was checking his mail box. I hollered at him and he came back and talked to me. He wasn’t able to let me set up camp in his yard though. He has a bitey dog and I’ve been bitten enough by Heyoka. His name is Art Adkins. He retired from the LAPD as a detective and later from the Gainsville PD. He now writes mystery novels. Here’s his website:

He suggest the Baptist Church to me and I lucked out and someone was here to call the preacher and double check. I agreed to be gone by 9.

The riding today was rougher than expected. I didn’t think Florida had any hills, but I found quite a few. Nothing major, but still tough going with all the weight of my gear on board.

I missed a turn and went out of the way a bit as you can see in the map. I can’t blame it on the Garmin though, I just wasn’t paying attention.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.01.51 PM

Here’s the greenway I was riding on when I missed my turn.



Got everything set up and then the bugs got crazy and had to go in. It’s only 7 pm, but I’m beat! More pix tomorrow, as I have a slooooow internet connection.



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