Coast to Coast: Richmond to Danby Wiske

A long 14 mile day, but mostly flat and downhill. A cool old car driven by a sharp dressed man.


Richmond to Danby Wiske

Some shady sheep. IMG_8542 IMG_8551 Katharine coming through the rye. IMG_8555 A different crop. IMG_8557 IMG_8560 IMG_8565Beautiful poppies.  IMG_8567 IMG_8569 An old well in the center of town. IMG_8571 IMG_8573 St. Mary’s Church. The parish church of the founder of Maryland.IMG_8575 Henry Jenkins memorial. It says he was 169 years old when he died. And he’ll fight any man who says he wasn’t. IMG_8582 IMG_8584 IMG_8585 IMG_8586


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