Ville Platte to New Roads

I started out today heading north towards Simmesport. It was so drizzly and foggy, I decided to use my GPS and see if I could find a different route. I was surprised to see that New Roads was only about 60 miles from Ville Platte. Using the Adventure Cycling maps, it was almost 100 miles. So, I saved 40 miles and rode directly to New Roads. I ended up riding 64.5 miles. Much better than a 100. So now, I’ve gained back part of my rain day’s mileage. I had to cross the Morganza Spillway on U.S. 190. It was a bridge above the swamp that was over 2 miles long. No stopping and no bike lane. I’m glad it was on a Sunday with less traffic. During the week, I’m sure I would have caused a traffic jam. The ride today started drizzly, but ended up nice and sunny with a slight tailwind. Easy riding. I’m going off route again tomorrow, so I can stop at a motel at around 70 miles instead of over 100 via the maps. Here’s the map from today and some pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 8.06.47 PM


I’m pretty sure these are FEMA trailers, either never used or used briefly. There were hundreds of them.IMG_3568 IMG_3570 IMG_3571IMG_3572 I think this is a levee or at least some sort of flood control.IMG_3573 Here too.IMG_3574 The bridge in the distance goes over the Atchafalaya river.IMG_3575

The Atchafalaya river.

IMG_3577 IMG_3579 This is looking back after I crossed over the Morganza Spillway.IMG_3580 IMG_3583 IMG_3586

This is the False river. The Mississippi decided to change it’s path in the 1700s and left this 10.5 mile lake behind. IMG_3588 IMG_3589

Lots of very expensive homes surround the lake.

IMG_3590 IMG_3593 IMG_3601 IMG_3604 IMG_3609 IMG_3616 IMG_3618 IMG_3621 IMG_3624

Now that’s a big beer. IMG_3625 Here’s the motel. They’re nice folks and take good care of cyclists. They always hold a room or two back just in case a weary cyclist rolls in.IMG_3627

Tomorrow, the plan is to make it Hammond, LA, which is a little over 70 miles. If I see a motel along the way after 50 miles, I’ll probably stop there instead.


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    • It’s a huge lake that looks just like a river. People live all around it in huge waterfront homes mixed in with little run down shacks that have been there for ages.

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