Alpine to Marathon to Sanderson

No internet yesterday, so I’m combining yesterday and today. Yesterday’s forecast called for tailwinds, but delivered headwinds. Today’s forecast called for headwinds and delivered headwinds. So, it looks like no matter which way the wind blows, you’re always riding against it! Even though both days mostly included flat or downhills, with the headwinds, it still took a lot of effort. Yesterday’s ride was 31.9 miles and today’s was 55.2 miles.


Yesterday, when I got to Marathon, all the hotels were booked up. So I was left with trying the La Loma Del Chivo hostel. That turned out to be a good decision. The hostel was set up with several buildings constructed on what was a former junkyard. Ingrid, the owner, said even after she started providing it as a hostel, people would still bring junk and leave it there. She said someone even dropped off a gynecological exam table! I guess that explains the stirrups on the bed in my hobbit hut. Ingrid is a cool lady and offers cyclists one free night’s stay. My hut was so comfy, I overslept this morning and got a later start than I had intended. After eating breakfast at a cafe in town, I headed to Sanderson.

Today was a really chilly ride and I wore my cold weather gear all the way. Along the way to Sanderson, another cyclist caught up with me. He calls himself Dutch and is from Pennsylvania. He’s an extreme cyclist. Three days on this trip, he’s ridden well over 100 miles! Today, he rode from Alpine to Sanderson. 87 miles. His company just recently moved all their operations to Mexico and he was laid off. He decided to take advantage of the hiatus and ride the Southern Tier and then head back up the east coast to Pennsylvania. We’re both staying at the same motel and walked down to the only open restaurant for dinner. While we were eating, a couple of cyclists, Maya and Glenn, rode up for dinner as well. They’re also riding the Southern Tier. Dutch said he saw them earlier in Marathon.

Here’s the maps and photos from yesterday and today:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.44.31 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.44.04 PM

Here’s where I stayed in Alpine. The owner, Sammy, was remodeling it and turning it into a really nice place. Great place to stay and less than half the cost of other motels in the area.IMG_2855 IMG_2856 Margaret and Margaret. Two life long friends who decided to take a trip together. Margaret on the left is Sammy’s mother-in-law.IMG_2858 This goat family isn’t too happy with the old goat taking their picture.IMG_2860 Some more blooming wildflowers.IMG_2863 IMG_2865 IMG_2866I think the mountains were hazy because of the tree pollen. The forecast said the pollen count was extremely high.
IMG_2867 IMG_2868 IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2871




Ingrid showing me to my hobbit hut.

Heyoka likes it, but he had to stay outside.IMG_2873

Inside the hut.IMG_2879 IMG_2880 IMG_2883 Some of the other buildings in the hostel.IMG_2884 IMG_2885 IMG_2886 Here’s the bathhouse.IMG_2889 IMG_2891 IMG_2892A serpent guarding the bathhouse.
IMG_2893 IMG_2894 Maya and Glenn parked their bikes under this shelter. Like me, they hit the sack early and we didn’t run into each other until today in Sanderson.IMG_2887



Today’s pictures:

IMG_2895 This was the look for today.IMG_2896 IMG_2898 IMG_2899 Here’s Dutch.IMG_2901 IMG_2904 IMG_2905 IMG_2906 IMG_2907 IMG_2908 IMG_2912 IMG_2917 IMG_2902 IMG_2903 IMG_2897

IMG_2897 IMG_2900 IMG_2902 IMG_2903 IMG_2914 IMG_2920


The motel manager took pictures of Dutch and me.IMG_2924 Here’s Maya and Glenn at the cafe tonight.IMG_2943 And here’s their bikes.IMG_2945 IMG_2946


Tomorrow will be either a 62 mile to Langtry or a rest day. Happy Either!




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Alpine to Marathon to Sanderson — 8 Comments

  1. Whoo knew you’d sleep so well in stirrups? or Was it due to being in the ‘womb’? Barry asked if there was any squealing going on? Hope you have a good Easter, either pedaling or resting!

    • Everyone is pretty trusting and self policing. I expected it to be rowdy and loud, but it was nice and quiet. Most everyone is worn out after either riding or hiking all day.

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