They call it the “descent into hell”

Started out this morning with a little trepidation. The reputation of the I-8 descent for almost 10 miles was greatly exaggerated and was actually the most fun I’ve had yet! Almost 40 mph in stretches, I was passing tractor trailers. They’re limited to 35mph on the 7% grade.

I also ran into another tour group. This one was Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers. And they were definitely pampered. I talked to Bubba about the logistics and he said this trip has 40 riders and 20 support staff. Drivers, chefs, bike specialists and even a massage therapist! Bubba was a great guy and former solo cross country cyclist. He always takes care of any solo cyclists they encounter along the way. I stocked up on gatorade and snacks at their rest stop. I was so elated at the free food and drinks, I forgot to take pictures of them. They take a different route than the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier route, so it’s doubtful I’ll run into them again.

Here’s the day’s ride, you can click on it for the details:

jacumba to brawley ride


Here’s the temp starting out:




The steam looked nice wafting up from the hot springs fed fountain. IMG_1749



Lot of shots of the desert roads:IMG_1761 IMG_1760 IMG_1759 IMG_1758 Huge windmill farm.IMG_1756 IMG_1755 IMG_1754


IMG_1781 IMG_1780 IMG_1777 IMG_1775 IMG_1774 IMG_1773 IMG_1771 I think this would make a good retirement home. Fixer upper.IMG_1768This looked just like a scene from Breaking Bad.
IMG_1767 IMG_1765 IMG_1764 IMG_1763


Woohoo, almost 60 miles today.IMG_1783 Nice temp for 7:30 pm, eh?IMG_1785

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