Yieeeee, hoo, hoo, hoo!


Heyoka and I are set to begin again. This year, we’re starting from San Diego heading east. That way it’s all downhill, right? The guys at Cardinal Bicycle will stuff Heyoka into a box the week of February 15. Then he and our equipage will travel by truck, arriving at Bernie’s Bike Shop, where the gang there will uncrate, reassemble and give him a tune up.

I’ll travel in a giant aluminum tube hurling through the sky on March 2.  Then after reuniting, Heyoka and I will dip ourselves in the Pacific and head out towards Alpine, CA.

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  1. glad youre going back and hopefully reach your goal! are you going to go all the way to florida or stop at bologna where you ended last year? we will keep an eye on bob again for ya or do you have some other person or plan? safe, fun travels!

    • The plan is to go all the way. I’ll just get a sandwich at bologna, haha! Yes, please keep an eye on Bob, he’s pretty unreliable. And I got a 2:30 flight on March 2 leaving Lynchburg. Tell Barry, he won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to take me, but if he can get up in the middle of the morning, I would really appreciate a ride to Lynchburg.

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