Around the valley.

I went for a 30 mile ride today including the killer climb up Mill Mtn. With my rides in flat ol’ Florida, I had forgotten how hilly and beautiful the Roanoke Valley is. While riding on the Roanoke Valley Greenway, I came up on a couple of women walkers and used the “ON YOUR LEFT!” greeting and both of them jumped. After I passed them, I turned around and asked them if the tiny bell on my handle bars would be less startling. I can never decide whether to use the bell or yell out. They said they’re usually yakking and don’t hear the bell, so “ON YOUR LEFT!” it is. Maybe just not as loud, “on your left”. One of the women looked familiar and I asked her if she was Claudia and she then remembered me too. I was in her inaugural paramedic class at the College of Health Sciences, 25+ years ago. She retired a few years ago and now does volunteer work as an RN in Africa.


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.46.42 PM


Here’s the cool little switchback on the Greenway between Vinton and Roanoke.



Looking across the Roanoke River at the industrial center on 9th Street SE



Heading up the Mill Mtn. Road, trailing behind another cyclist.



Heyoka resting at the top of Mill Mtn.



Me sweating at the top of Mill Mtn.



The view of downtown Roanoke.



From the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Roanoke River on its journey into Smith Mtn. Lake.



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Around the valley. — 2 Comments

  1. Hey bud, good to see ya back out pedaling! We been wondering if ya gotten back on Heyoka since yall got back. Staying in practice is a good idear, esp. if ya plan to try to continue later on from Bologna! lol Happy pedaling!

  2. Always enjoy your posts..especially the pics. I have a nephew, who is a cyclist, lives in Baltimore. He is an IT guy @ Johm Hopkins. When he comes to visit he likes to ride up to the Peaks from our homeplace near Natural Bridge. Next time he comes in, maybe you could show him some new routes. You would like him.
    Guess Dick got so tired of checking in, I don’t hear much. Keep in touch. “Polina”

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