Day 23 — A pretty long drive

So, Heyoka and I crammed ourselves into a Fiat rental car and drove close to 900 miles to get home. We got home at 2:30 a.m. Heyoka slept in the car to watch out for the 300 lb. black bear that’s been raiding the neighborhood trash cans and bird feeders.

Here’s the pix of our traveling arrangement:

Bogalusa only had one car rental place I could find and this was all they had. A Fiat clown car.



And here are the two clowns stuffed inside.



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Day 23 — A pretty long drive — 15 Comments

  1. Did you have to pedal that Fred Flintstone car home? And, did Heyoka help? Was Heyoka scared of the bear? That car looks like something our 300 lb. bear could pop open like a sardine can! What about Bob? Not sure if he’s glad you’re home early, he was getting used to the house but wouldn’t admit he was afraid of the bear. However, he did stop running around naked outside! Glad you & Heyoka survived your adventure and are home safe & sound. We are proud of you for what you achieved! We love ya! Jayne & Barry

    • Heyoka slept on the way home. The bear scared the air out of his tires. I had two flats yesterday. Bob took off before I got home.

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