The plan evolves

Slightly new plan. I’m renting an economy car at Los Pollos Hermonos in Roanoke and taking it one-way to St. Augustine. I’m getting a really cheap rental; though I have to carry a package for them. Leaving Monday morning, April 21st. Staying over a night or two in St. Augustine and then heading out on Tuesday or Wednesday. The original plan was to vacation a week with my daughter and son-in-law in St. Augustine, but they had to postpone the trip. We were able to keep our deposit and will schedule that trip later in the year. This new plan will save some fossil fuel. “I used to think that I was cool, driving around on fossil fuel. But, I didn’t know what I was doin’, was ridin’ down the road to ruin.”

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The plan evolves — 4 Comments

  1. Um, Lee. Or is it really Walter White?
    Man, just can’t keep up with you. Costa Rica, Sierra Club meetings and now this! Had no idea you were doing this serious bike riding. Good luck on your adventure. I’ll be reading your blog with great interest and not a little bit of envy. Take care!

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